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The Nichols Firm, PLLC

The Nichols Firm, PLLC represents public entities, business owners and individuals in a variety of practice areas including local government, economic development, property and homeowner associations, real estate and land use, general counsel services and civil litigation.

The Firm embraces a modern approach to the practice of law by integrating the latest advances in Internet and cloud-based office technology to securely manage the Firm’s client files and communications, historical documents, legal research, billing and finances. Although the Firm’s principal office is located in the Bank of America building in downtown Houston, the Firm embraces a concierge-style business model that caters to mobility and client time efficiency.

Today’s client is savvy when it comes to legal services, and brick and mortar are no longer the lead indicators of a Firm’s success, horsepower, or ability to timely meet a client’s needs. Literally, with an iPad and cellular internet (or Wi-Fi) connection, the Firm can go to a client, discuss their needs, see and investigate the problem (if appropriate), video conference with offsite personnel, research legal issues, generate files and documents, invoice clients, and collect payments all from a remote location. Whether you are looking for a traditional “law firm” experience, or a more concierge-style onsite service, the Firm is prepared to practice and serve its clients virtually anywhere.

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