Community Associations

"Community Association" is the term we use to refer to property owner associations (POAs), homeowner associations (HOAs), and civic clubs. Typically, POAs are organizations consisting of members who own the real property and improvements in a subdivision while HOAs are usually associated with condo-style developments. Regardless of the type of association, POAs and HOAs are corporate entities that consist of members and elected boards of directors.

Regardless of your community’s structure, be it a sprawling single-family home subdivision, a high-rise condominium, an intimate townhome development, or anything in between, your legal counsel should understand the law that applies to your specific development and how the law affects your organization's power, your members' rights and the management of your organization.  Your legal counsel should also understand how the law affecting your community association fits in with the laws applicable to city and county governments and special purpose districts. 

The Nichols Firm understands these various bodies of law, how they fit together, and the technical, procedural and political challenges that community associations and their management companies face. The Firm’s attorneys have sat on both sides of the table – as board members and property owners - and as the legal counsel who serve board members and their community associations we are able to draw on our experiences - both good and bad - for the benefit of your organization.

Some of the Firm’s areas of experience include the following:

  • Review, interpretation, amendments to and enforcement of
    • Development declarations
    • Restrictive covenants and deed restrictions
    • Association rules and by-laws
    • Association policies and management documents
  • Land purchases and development
  • Architectural Control Committees
  • Administrative boards and proceedings
  • Strategic planning
  • Assessment collection and foreclosure
  • Board and officer training
  • Litigation

Engagements and requests for services are evaluated on a case by case basis.

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