Bridging the Gap: using technology to bridge the geographic distance between you and your clients.

bridging-the-gap-with-technologyA few weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk talking on the phone with a potential client. We had never met. She was referred by a visitor who attended one my weekly networking meetings a few months back. After the usual pleasantries, our conversation quickly turned to the issue at hand concerning a potentially dangerous condition that had developed on her property. While my potential client was trying her best to describe the geographical features of the property around her house, I was busy pulling up her physical address on Goggle Earth. With a few clicks of my mouse, I was able to virtually insert myself onto my potential client’s property and discuss the location of streets, sidewalks, drainage ditches, reservoirs, utility easements and other geographical characteristics from both an aerial and from-the-street vantage point. She was impressed…so much so that later my potential client and I “met” via Face Time and got further acquainted. (You should note that Google Earth, or other similar mapping tools, may not accurately represent everything you are looking at 100% of the time, but it can give you an overall vantage point of certain characteristics necessary for you to have a specific discussion with a client without ever stepping out of your office.)

Today’s lawyers live in an amazing world – with a cell phone or Wi-Fi connection, we can “meet” clients, conduct research, file documents, and accept payments from virtually from anywhere in the world. As people, we are less bound by brick and mortar or transportation limitations. Given this flexibility, why should our law practice be any different?

The Nichols Firm, PLLC, leverages technology to better serve its clients. Whether you are on the other side of downtown Houston, or in rural west Texas, we can reach you…and we can serve you. If you would like more information about this subject or our suite of legal services, contact The Nichols Firm, PLLC at

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